Neo Geo(Metal Slug)

  • Hi,I just put together my first recalbox with the sole purpose emulating the metal slug franchise.So far i´ve been unable to do such thing,even after dowloading a neo geo bios and several roms.When I try to play any metal slug title,the only thing that pops up Is the green retroarch menu screen. Could anyone guide me into getting the rigth set up to play metal slug and other neo geo games? Thank you.

  • up same problem

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    Start at least by reading the arcade documentation on the wiki

  • Hi guys the BIOS file has to be placed in the recalbox/share/roms/neogeo/ folder rather than in the BIOS folder. If you can't get Metal Slug to work via Neogeo Emulation you could also try downloading the Arcade versions of the titles for use in MAME but they work fine for me on Neogeo.

  • If you get the UNIBIOS and put it ( into MAME and FBA_LIBRETRO you can play whatever version of Metal Slug you prefer. No matter if it's AES, or MVS. You can even switch it. So...

    Without UNIBIOS

    1. Place the normal NeoGeo Bios into the neogeo, the mame, or the fba_libretrofolder
    2. Put the Metal Slug Games (zip) into the preferred system (I recommend fba_libretro)
    3. Have fun


    1. READ THIS
    2. Do steps 1 to 3 from above 🙂

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