RecalboxOSx64 Failing to Install on External HDD (Ryzen 1600/ RX 580 4GB)

  • I'm attempting to install recalbox x64 on a 500GB external HDD on my primary machine, a Ryzen 1600 with an RX 580 4GB. The verbose install log shows an apparent failure once the GPU is detected as an AMD GPU and freezes indefinitely when trying to switch from VGA to AMDGPU mode. Also in the flashing text I saw numerous failures to find files. This did not seem to stall the installer however. I do have numerous drives and devices that are more or less preeminently connected to the PC, I bring this up because initially it seemed to hang on a sound card detection, after removing the wireless dongle for my headphones it did not hang on this anymore. I am unsure if failure to identify the other devices connected is nuking the installer somehow.

  • permanent* not preeminent

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