joystick issues

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    I have been making a bartop arcade box. I got the Xin-ho controller and zippy joystick. The buttons are configured in the configure a controller window in controllers setting and working good. But up, down, left, and right by joystick are not recognized in the "configure a controller" window. A couple of findings are (1) more game pads are detected (in addition to the xin mo, there are two gpio pads detected) (2) i selected the xin mo in the Input P1 and tried to configure the joystick and buttons in "configure a contoller" window. And then when I come back out to the controller setting, i don't see the xin mo in the "input P1". I'm not sure what I should do/try from here. I'm trying to explain in details, but please let me know if more info is needed. Thanks.

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