Recalbox 7.0

Can't Install, Do I need NOOBS

  • Hi, I've followed all the install procedures outlined here:, but when I insert the microSD and try to boot up my pi nothing happens, my monitor doesn't event pick up an output from the pi. I should say I've done 2 successful installations of RetroPie, which I mention because many of the install processes are the same. I've seen around the forms people mentioning that they installed recalbox inside of NOOBS, but I didn't see it mentioned in the install guide. Do I need NOOBS? Any assistance would be appreciated thanks /* edit like an hour later */ And I'm a massive idiot. I'll leave this post up as a monument to my stupidity. The files from the zip were extracted in a directory. I just had to copy the files across outside of the directory and lose the directory. 😛

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