DOS support

  • With the awesome work of the latest releases, and looking what's up for the future in the next milestones, I feel that what Recalbox really miss now is some kind of DOS support. DOSBox and rpix86 seems to be the options, the latter seeming very promising. I'm curious if there are technical reasons that make it not a viable milestone for the future. There are a lot of DOS games that I would be very happy to play with. It's very strange being able to play PSX games and not DOS games 😞

  • The libretro dosbox core have really bad performances on a rpi2. So we should add a standalone emulator to have a decent framerate. But seen recalbox is a concept of "out the box game device", integrate a standalone emulator to the automatic configgen is a lot of work... So, recalbox is dev at 99% by digit on his free time. If he had add this feature... it would have taken him a long time. And this precious time can serve to add many other systems, or others features as the bluetooth manager, etc... So for now, dosbox is not the priority. But maybe in the future, when the recalbox will be more mature it will be added.

  • I didn't know it was such a huge time consuming investment, it's a shame. Thank you for the kind answer!

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