Logitech F710 analog sticks

  • Hi, I'm new here. So, first of all, I'd like to thank everyone involved in the making of recalbox. It's awesome! So far I'm very happy with my setup but I'm wondering on how I can use the analog controls on my Logitech F710. (To use them in Quake 2 for PSX for example). I've done a lot of googling and reading, but somehow I'm still confused on how it all fits together: retroarch config or autoconfig(?), gamepad setup done by recalbox (which only configures the left analog stick but ignores the right one), the XInput or DInput modes of the Logitech F710, which config files to edit, are configuration tips for PS3 or XBOX360 controllers applicable to the F710, etc. So here are my questions: 1) are the analog sticks fully supported in the playstation emulator? (Just to make sure) 2) I suppose it's normal that recalbox's "configure input" ignores the second analog stick? 3) Which config files do I have to edit to fully use my gamepad? (If it's possible at all...) 4) Is retropie completely different regarding its use of retroarch or is it possible to use some tips and pointers concerning retropie? Any help is much appreciated! BTW, I'm running the latest stable release (3.2.11) on a RPi2 and am familiar with Linux administration.

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