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Amiga support mit 18.02.09 (Problem).

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    @roman126 you already have your own subject please don't double post

  • Hello,

    sorry, dont be bad. I post it in the German Sub thats the reason why i wrote in german for sure i will continue in english 🙂

    Just tried again.

    Great Giana Sisters, The.adf
    Mortal Kombat II_Disk1.adf
    Mortal Kombat II_Disk2.adf
    Mortal Kombat II_Disk3.adf
    Mortal Kombat II_Disk4.adf
    Mortal Kombat_Disk1.adf
    Mortal Kombat_Disk2.adf

    for the Mortal Kombat Disk 0 issue, i have no idea, but if i google it then it seems to be legit, but i just opened my original box from there times to double check, but there are only 2 disks (but this is only the german version, i dont know if there was a difference).

    at least no game is working, i click on it and then it goes back to the menu. For sure the Bios files are in the correct folder.


    I copied now everything to the Amiga600 folder and it directly works (except Mortal Kombat, here you really need to start with 0). The only thing what i need now to do is to config, as the emulator is not working with the standard keypad, xb360 or SNES pad always when i press start then the emulator goes to the Emulator Menu and i assume i need to config with a mouse or something 🙂

    Thanks already for your support,


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    @jonny0r said in Amiga support mit 18.02.09 (Problem).:

    sorry, dont be bad. I post it in the German Sub thats the reason why i wrote in german for sure i will continue in english

    no prob, it's just that I used to be fluent in German and I'm not anymore 😉
    And as I am the sole author of the amiga integration in Recalbox I'm pretty muich the only one that can help you

    can you do a support archive through the recalbox manager (connect to http://recalbox/help) and put it on the web ?

    also check that your kick31.rom bios is well named in lower case with no upper case at all someone made that mistake yesterday

    for navigation in the menu tes you need to connect with a mouse and/or keyboard

  • Mortal Kombat startet bei mir in Amiga 1200, kommt "Zenith" Menü danach AMIGA logo und Schwarze Bild.
    Die Xbox360 controller kannst auswählen in Emulator Menü.

  • Hi. Ok, Habe Mortal Kombat zum laufen gebracht in amiga 600 ordner. Mann muss ständig die disk Wechsel aber läuft einwandfrei.

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    @leobo71 Disk 0 again ? Will correct that in next release ...

  • I have Disk1, Disk2 and Disk3.
    Disk1 is boot Disk, 2and3 roms.

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    @leobo71 ok so disk1, 3 and 3 are loaded in the GUI ? but I suppose it is one of the many games only accepting the disk changinf in drive 0 ?

  • @voljega Disk0 work great. Disk0, Disk1, Disk2 or Disk1, Disk2, Disk3 working fine.
    Sorry for my English.
    Disk0 oder Disk1 beide Variante booten.
    @voljega Great job Thanks for your support and your work.

  • sagt, wo liegen die Standard conf Dateien die beim laden eines Spielen herangezogen werden?
    im /tmp/Amiga/amiberry/conf/ liegen ja nur die TEMP-Configs.

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