[Question] Adjusting font for maximum sharpness in 240p mode

  • Hi, I'm currently trying to adjust the font in default theme so that it can be displayed in sharpest possible manner in 240p mode (due to the fact I'm a designer, seeing a non pixel perfect rendered on screen with so many sub-pixels is like an eye sore to me and I would like to see if I can do it better).

    Upon checking on theme folder, I quickly find the xml files that contains all the parameters to tweak the fonts. I substitute the fonts with DroidBB 8bit font and I notice that in each font size parameter, it goes like this 0.035 ---> if I change it to 1 or higher the UI will crash and not works.

    So my question is what kind of font size metric is this? is it Pt or Px or what's that?
    Also I am curious if it's possible to use Bitmap PNG font instead of using TTF font for maximum sharpness on 240p mode?


  • @huey-le i can't tell, but @rockaddicted @paradadf or @supernature2k should know

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    @huey-le The value is in percent (%) of screen height.

    It is like this, can't be changed and of course depends on the original font size. That's why when you change font, you have to change every values and it can lead to ES crash if the value is too high/low

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    If you use following shader, no pixels anymore. I use it globally.


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