Issues with Wiimote or Wii Classic Controller with N64

  • Hi,

    I'm using a Wii Classic Controller connected to a Wiimote.

    This is working smoothly in menu and in SNES. However, there are many issues in N64 :

    • HotKey + B has no effect
    • sometimes buttons are not working on Classic Controller but works on Wiimote
    • sometimes buttons are not working at all (with Mario Kart 64, once I started a race I can't turn left or right neither with Classic Controller nor with Wiimote.

    I also tried to use the Wiimote alone, doesn't work better.

    Is it specific to those controllers ? Has anyone got a working experience with others controllers (I was planning to get the SN30 pro controller from 8bitdo and/or a Mayflash USB adapter for Gamecube controller) ?

  • I could finally play Mario Kart 64 with Gamecube controller (see this post) so I guess the issue is specific to Wiimote + Wii Classic Controller.

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