How do I add boxart manually?

  • I have uploaded all my roms by network transfer and attempted the same with the boxart, but the images do not show. I found the folder for the boxart, transferred the images, but they do not appear (all the names for roms/art match).

    I have been able to add a few of the boxart images I have by going through the recalbox manager, however don't want to do this one by one for the 5,000+ games i have uploaded.

    Is the only way to add boxart to use the scraper, or to add them one by one through the recalbox manager?

    Thank you!

  • You throw all the pics in the downloaded images, then edit the xml file located in room folder and manually add each game's picture location. It's not super convenient, but you'll be able to dump all your pictures for one system.

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