Recalbox.conf reseting?

  • Hey there folks. Im trying to edit global.videomode, and having some problems. When I change my settings trough wi-fi, i REALLY DONT know what happends: the recalbox.conf I edited is erased, and the system creates another one with the "fabric" settings. For example: I configured my wi-fi and tried to change the videomode trough my PC's internet browser and rasp's IP. I sabe the filé and till there everything ok. When I reset my rasp,, the things I made Just desapear, and i lose ALL my setting like wi-fi, system volume and everything, as the recalbox.conf where New. anyone knows anything about this? Its the First time It happends to me
    Last version of recalbox
    Rasp 3

  • @paulo-presa-evangelista recalbox.config is not the recalbox config.txt file.
    The setting you are talking about are to be put in the /boot/config.txt file 😉
    recalbox.config or whatever the real name is contains a USB name and the timer Recalbox use to "ping" it. Maybe other stuff, but no videostuff 😉

  • @coincoin hey there. Im talking about emulators' video settings. The resolution (or whatever "CEA 4 HDMI" means) need to be changed in the recalbox.conf. all the configurations on the config.txt are correct and working fine

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    @paulo-presa-evangelista unless you are changing recalbox.conf in share_init (you shouldn't) you have an install and/or sd problem. try reinstalling and use another sd card if the problem is still there

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