Recalbox 7.0

Connecting to Wi-Fi doesn't work :/

  • Good day everyone, I just got my recalbox for some good fun times. But everytime I want to connect the raspi2 to my wifi-network nothing happens. I do the following steps: 1: typing in SSID (3 words, 2 empty spaces, no symbols) 2: typing in the wifi key (numbers and letters, no symbols) 3: activating wifi-connection After that I can wait for hours. Whenever I return to the Network-menue the SSID is gone and I have to type it back in. The password stays. I am using the EDIMAX Wlan-Stick Rasp EW-7811UN. I was already looking for an answer in this forum but couln'd find any working solution. 😕

  • Give a try bu editing in the share partition system/recalbox.conf There is a section dedicated to network and wifi. Reboot and let us know.

  • I'd like to do that but there comes the next problem: whenever I try to open the terminal (as discribed in the screen stays black and the only thing I can do is rebooting by ctrl+alt+del. I tried all possible combinations I found to open the terminal but either nothing happens or the screen just turns black.

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