problem to calibrate joystick (cordless rumblepad 2)

  • Hi,

    is there a way to calibrate the jostick(analog sticks)? It seems that i have problems with the left analog stick. Either it does no move or continously moves on its own. I tried to check the controller (jstest) but i get the error that jstest is unknown. So i tried to calibrate with jscal -c and find out that the value for the y-axis ony change from 133-255 (not 0-255 like the others axis). Also after the calibration the analog stick wont work.

    Can you help me please? Thanks bye!

  • I have the same problem with my xbobx360 pad. Did you find a solution?

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    @koboltzz no there's no solution for now, but microsoft gamepads are especially crappy regarding deadzones, even the xbox one, while ps3 pads seem to suffer less from it

  • @voljega
    That's not really true since you test xbox pads in windows calibrating tool and see how well the analog sticks works.

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    @koboltzz it still does have some pretty bad deadzones even on new controller, the internet is full of reviews about it

    The fact that you need a tool to configure ot speaks very much for itself

  • Nope, the deadzones are randomly set by retroarch each time you change input device in core settings. Sometimes it's wonderful, but the next time it's awul. That has nothing to do with microsofts's buildquality, it's a recalbox problem.

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    @koboltzz With Recalbox you must configure your controllers in Emulation Station, not retroarch.

    Anyway the deadzones are still there in that case.

    And the deazones appears even on windows on brand new controllers from Microsoft, so we can go on like that for a while if you want, but xbox360 and xbox one controllers are well known for that, and this is an (ex) big fan of those controllers speaking, not random trolling

  • I think we are speaking about two different things. There is a problem with joystick/analog stick calibration/deadzone in general with recalbox.
    At the moment I am able to drive 'assetto corsa' on PC with my xbox360 pad quite well (steering help etc. turned off of course).
    In Recalbox I am not even able to play Mariokart 64 mit analog stick since the deadzone/calibration issue.

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