Will my Rasp B+ recalbox micro sd work on a Pi 2 model b?

  • Hello, I´ve been using Recalbox on my Raspberry Pi B+ for quite some time (thank you for this fantastic OS) and I would like to know if my SD card (with my Recalbox, games, saves and configuration) will work properly if I just plug it on a Raspberry Pi 2 B (which I´m about to get). By properly I mean if I will be able to play N64 games and also what happens since my Pi B+ was overclocked by Recalbox settings. I also often make backups of my Recalbox SDcard (using Win32DiskImager), and as soon as I get my Pi 2 I´m going to write it on a larger SD card. The point is, will Recalbox recognize more space? (from 16gb to 32gb). Thank you for your patience.

  • no your existing card will not work, the version of recalbox that is installed is based on the model Pi you have. I am currently using a 128gb microsd card on my RPi2 . However every emu is working great with RPi2, but you will need to overclock for the PSX and N64 to work better.

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