N64 Aspect Ratio

  • Is there a way to force mupen64 to output in 4:3 with my monitor? I'm using a 20" 16:10 Dell dell 2007wfpb monitor with an HDMI to DVI cable. At launch, the games default to stretch, but I can go to monitor settings and select aspect mode and it goes to 4:3. I assume this is due to the way my monitor is handling the requested resolution. I hate the look of a stretched screen and it's mildly annoying to manual change the aspect mode every time. Is there an output mode I can use to fix it but not break things? I've done some fiddling but nothing seems to work.

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    @doppelganger yeah nothing works on my tv either, I have to do it manually each time

  • same problem with my tv and 640x480 it's very small resolution, I would like 800x600

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