LEd Buttons pressed by themselves with Xin Mo 2 players interface

  • The problem is that buttons are pressed randomly themselves when I'm in Recalbox If I have the LEDs on. The menu is moved along without touching joysticks, Start is pressed without touching, it enters games without touching anything .... If I disconnect the LED lights, the buttons work perfectly.

    Sometimes, it seems that the buttons are correctly (they are not being pressed by themselves, or not much), but if I press a button repeatedly and quickly (for example, the A button in the menu, which does not change anything), it affects other buttons like the B button or the Start button that are pressed without touching them. I've also tried this with LEDs unplugged and it never happens.

    The LEDs are powered by an external charger, I have tested with 5v and 12v, and it happens in both cases.
    I use USB interface Xin mo 2 players, I have tried both 18 pins and 20 pins, it happens in both cases.
    The truth is that I do not know what I'm doing wrong, I guess it's the electric current of the LEDs is affecting the buttons to be pressed by themselves, but they are not in contact anywhere with grounds and signal wires of the microswitch buttons, all It is isolated with its covers.
    Right now I have the problem in Recalbox 4.1, but in previous versions it also happened to me.

    I do not know if interfaces are defective , or if I have to wire something different ....

    Thank you and sorry for my english..

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    @moyo_ml short circuit(s)

    Try without the led and see from there

  • @voljega said in LEd Buttons pressed by themselves with Xin Mo 2 players interface:

    Try without the led and see from there

    Hi. As I said, without the led power eveything works perfect, so I ask what or where or why this is happens...

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    @moyo_ml sorry guess I didn't read right

    Did you try to check with a voltmeter or something ?

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  • @voljega

    I don't have one, anyway I don't know how or where to use it, or if I find something unusual I won't know why it happens...


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