Recalbox 7.0

Cant get wifi to work

  • i tried changing the settings in the .conf file and that didnt do anything. I have an edimax wifi dongle and it works fine on retropie. i am very new to all of this , so i will need a very basic step by step to help me fix it.   any help is greatly appreciated.

  • no one can help?

  • What is your OS ? If you are under Windows, don't use Worpad/Notepad included and try with a real text editor like Notepad ++.

  • Hey!   I had the same issue, I didnt´conencted to the WI-FI regardless if it was open or how it was protected.   I found a workaround, but it´s not perfect.   Put the WiFi credencials in the config file, let him boot up and enter the WiFi Settings. You should see all the Data you provided in the config file there,too.   Now, turn WiFI of with the software switch and turn it back on. My Pi hangs then for a few seconds and prompts me a: WiFi Connected message. He keeps the connection when you start Kodi, but you can´t automap any network shares as autostart sine its not coneected while starting.   Hope this works for you!

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