Startup error: sh: can´t access tty....

  • hi together, recalbox worked like a charm since today but now, after the rainbow screen it stucks with the following message: sh: can´t access tty: job control turned off /#   I´ve hours of lifetime stored in the savegames and guess... I have no backup. Is there a chance to get it back running or at least save the savefiles? Thanks in advance!

  • Hello do you have a pc running under linux? You can try with live cd/usb ubuntu 14.04 or 14.04.1 (not 14.04.02/14.04.03, or higher, these versions don't recognize recalbox partitions tables). You should be able to access your share partition and backing up your savegames.

  • unfortunately no but this should not be a big deal. but describe exactly what I should do, please. you mean mounting the pi network drive or to access the sd card under linux directly on the pc?

  • yes you download an ubuntu image specified above. You make a live cd or usb stick and boot your pc on (it is very easy, google is your friend) And finally you access to your sdcard on this ubuntu live, directly on your pc. and

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