Games like Atomic Bomberman? (PvP, 4+ simultaneous players, high pace, extremely exciting battles)

  • Hi!

    Atomic Bomberman is an amazing game with a combination of these important features:

    • PvP;
    • up to 10 players simultaneously;
    • extremely dynamic gameplay: very high pace, heated battles, bursts of emotions, etc.

    Unfortunately, Atomic Bomberman is a Win95 exclusive. 😞

    I've tried a few Super Bomberman games on SNES. They are good, up to 5 players, but nowhere near Atomic in terms of excitement. 😞

    Any recommendations of games that can match Atomic Bomberman?

  • I remember playing Atomic Bomberman A LOT at my childhood. Same way, Super Bomberman 3 and 4 at Snes.

    I don't know what could match the excitment of playing Atomic, since this is basically your perspective of life, but in my point of view, Super Bomberman 3 with multitap enabled + friends + 4 human players and 1 bot battle mode(even 5 players if you want) + beer + pizza delivery = a good night of fun 🙂

    Doing some fine tunnig on items available and reducing the time of the battle(time to start hurry up!) will make the game more fun and fast.

  • Speaking of Intense. Imagine if this would be a real thing


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