Turrican II under Dosbox

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    So, I have it working but some datas are weird concerning installation.
    It was the only Turrican under DOS. (1995).
    alt text

    First there is a subdirectory /cfg in the files with inside English.lng and Turrican.cfg.
    You must copy /cfg/English.cfg to the root, without setup is impossible.
    Second, create an empty file Turrican.cfg in the root.
    When the game is started, he will enter everytime with display of Setup.
    One of the weird thing, you must just know it.
    In Dosbox.bat you must set an environnement variable before you call the game :

    SET T2DIR=.

    I have still an unresolved problem, no scrap file.
    Even as you have in thegamesdb.net a plain list of, but with no dos variant.
    But the same game exist, just under amiga : Turrican II : The final fight
    Is there a way to scrap Amiga descriptions (as example) under Dosbox ?

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    @dragu well I can only tell you that all three Turricans work perfectly fine on Amiga and Recalbox ;)

  • Thanks Dragu !
    @voljega Amiga ? Added yourself ? I just added the Amiga CD32, so you mean that one ?

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    I have still the march version 4.1u in use because of the bug with hifiberry sound. And in this version, no Amiga rom place.
    But I think the screen resolution is lower as the PC version. Do you have a screenshot from gamestart, like mine upper, to compare ? :)

    Concerning the scraper, some things like limitation on hardware, even with individual search, I cannot understand ?

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    @cthulhus see my signature ;)

  • @voljega said in Turrican II under Dosbox:

    @cthulhus see my signature ;)

    humm sweety :)

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    @voljega said in Turrican II under Dosbox:

    @dragu well I can only tell you that all three Turricans work perfectly fine on Amiga and Recalbox ;)

    Ok, I gave it a try.
    But honestly, the one and only DOS version of Turrican II has a far better resolution as the Amiga CD32 version.
    And far more easy to configurate. So if I put quality over quantity, I am on Dosbox with this one. :)

    Amiga screenshot to compare
    alt text

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