Thanks for the info and the addition to the C-list, but have you considered going for something like this:

instead of using such "big" cards? Check the speed of this little monster 😉

USB 3.0

Sequential (Q32T1)
exFat: 124MB/s read, 48MB/s write
FAT32: 117MB/s read, 49MB/s write
NTFS: 135MB/s read, 50MB/s write

exFat: 145MB/s read, 64MB/s write
FAT32: 144MB/s read, 63MB/s write
NTFS: 150MB/s read, 59MB/s write

4k (Q32T1)
exFat: 6,2MB/s read, 3MB/s write
FAT32: 6,1MB/s read, 3MB/s write
NTFS: 6,1MB/s read, 3MB/s write

exFat: 5,1MB/s read, 2,6MB/s write
FAT32: 5,8MB/s read, 2,9MB/s write
NTFS: 5,5MB/s read, 2,8MB/s write

USB 2.0

Sequential (Q32T1)
exFat: 41MB/s read, 27MB/s write

exFat: 40,7MB/s read, 26MB/s write

4k (Q32T1)
exFat: 5,1MB/s read, 3MB/s write

exFat: 5MB/s read, 2,8MB/s write