@asiaortiz Sorry, but this is a totally meaningless question.
At the bottom of the forum is the amount of people online, I never entered the forum and it was just me online, so it is clear that there is some kind of movement.
Also, it's easier to look at any of the categories and see that there is activity (the international and French parts are more active).
Also², if you were able to login and subscribe this already proves that the forum is not dead.

I notice that you are very lazy and prefer to ask obvious questions before searching, but I recommend that you do not do this here, before posting, use the search tool:

Also, read the documentation:

And, watch the tutorial videos (turn on the subtitles):

Only after that, if you really can't find the answer to your question, open a thread. Please don't clutter the forum with unnecessary questions or SPAM asking the same thing over and over again - wait patiently for an answer, it's not because the forum isn't dead that you'll get all the attention or immediate response.

Since your question has nothing to do with Recalbox, I'm going to block the topic.