Theme Zodian problems with the letters

  • Theme Zodian problems with the letters

    I just installed the Zodian theme, with i like very much. (thanks @azvarel for that).

    I have a little problem, that you may not have noticed because your theme is in English.
    My system is in portuguese and on the screem of game selection i got some letter's going into some others like the example above.

    Is there a way to move that second "column" of information a little further to the right?
    I would apreciate if someone could help.

    Thanks a lot!

    EDIT (missing picture)

  • Themer

    @caporto, when I made this theme, I did not think of other languages and I know that the words in Portuguese or Spanish are bigger than in English, you can correct that, I'll be sorting this out soon enough.

  • Thank You @azvarel , I'm looking foward to this update.

    Again, great job, man!

  • @azvarel , How are you??

    Any update for this problem?

    Thanks a lot!

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