PSX Romset ?

  • Hello,

    I'm looking for a full romset PSX/PS1 since days and i haven't found single one. I'm wondering if someone could give me a link or maybe share his collection ?

    I would be as gratefull as it is possible to be.

    Thanks a lot for those who will help a lost soul 😄

  • Banned

    I suggest you re-read the rules of the forum because it's totally forbidden here to ask for links to copyrighted material or post them.

    Besides that, a full romset for PSX would be be bigger than 1To maybe even 2To so I strongly suspect this doesn't exist and/or would take week(s) to download

    I have a sorted romset with not twice the same game (removing double european version when the us one exists and vice versa) and it's already 600Go with maybe only 5-10% of the existing japanese games

  • Hi, to begin, thanks for the fast answer and also sorry about the rules.

    Yeah I didn't except that would be that big so I guess that's the reason I couldn't find any fullset. I guess I'll just have to take my courage and take the roms I'm looking for 1 by 1.

    I guess the post can be closed or something like that.

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