The case from hell

  • Sorry about the poor picture quality buds, it makes my work look not so good, but y'all can get the general idea.

    alt text

    alt text

    I'll get a better camera (any suggestion?) and take more pictures to show y'all, but until then I will say it does glow, the white is technically semi translucent so when the pi's red light is on the eyes and mouth light up well. The green not so much, not sure why, it just doesn't seem to get through the plastic so easily.

    Mostly given Doom comes pre installed in recalbox I figured may as well start with a Doom theme and make it all sorts of Doom-y for my first recal build. I'd really like to make a gun too, but I don't know what hardware to start with, or if I should wait a while, or just make a controller as doomish as I can because light guns don't work on recalbox(?). I dunno, but once I figure that out I'll show y'all the whole themed setup.

    After this one I'm doing pokemon, rpi3 in a pokeball, controller in a pokedex, easy peasey. After that I'm kind of out of ideas, maybe mega man of final fantasy or some such. anyway, thanks for looking.

  • That's awesome! More details on the construction process would be great and instead of a translucent Head, a fully painted one would be killer. Have you seen the works of Ultra Customs?

  • @Nachtgarm Thanks a bunch. I haven't heard of them, but I am interested. I did a quick search on the name but got a bunch of motorcycle shops. Can you give me a link to ultra customs?

    My process was pretty straight forward molding. I start with clay and shape that, then I put the worked clay into a box and fill the box with silicone, then I remove the clay and fill the silicone with plastic.

  • Sorry. I got the name wrong. It's Ultimate Customs
    How do you make sure, it's not overheating?

  • Super neat stuff there, thanks.

    I use the IP connection. If you mean how did I plan to deal with heat when I was building it, that's pretty simple. I mimicked an attic except I vented the air down around the outside of the lower jaw. so air comes in through the input/output holes, gets heated by the pi, and goes up into the upper part of the skull where it cool and falls around the outside of the lower part of the skull.

    I figured if it didn't work out I could just use a fan, and I even have a fan installed in the box, but I never cut a vent hole for it because it doesn't seem like I need a fan and it's kind of loud so I just unplugged it.

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