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Help with whdload games on ua4arm

  • Banned

    @Luciano-Silva here's the official thread of the uae4arm port on pi if you want to follow future devlopments : https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=110488

  • Thanks another time , i`ll be waintig for new releases.
    It really colud be awsome use a gamepad like on uae4all to play whdload games on our rpi.

  • CRT Maniac

    You know you can EXIT uae4arm emulation from amiga game with a command line ?
    If you Hit (ex : F10) during game, you don't go to CLI but to EmulationStation Menu.
    That's mean you can play a game and return to Emulation at anytime from the game just with the game EXIT key.

    Here, the 2 commands i use.

  • @ironic what type of files are exactly those?
    How can i use them?

  • CRT Maniac

    • You put one of them in a "C" directory of you game Directory.
      (On Amiga, folder is Directory)

    • You edit the "Startup-Sequence" file of your game directory
      (It's the 1st script launched at Amiga boot)

    • You add a line as : "C:UaeQuit"
      (I edit this file on Workbench, notepad++ doesn't work. file format ??).

    Now, when you launch a WHD Amiga game, a boot screen show you the hotkey to exit game.
    Without UaeQuit, you go to CLI (the Amiga command line, the Shell).
    And with, UaeQuit is launched at game Exit and Uae4Arm is "killed" to return to EmulationStation.

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  • @ironic thanks for your help.
    My gamepad is working fine but i have a question about how to exit the emulator.
    I don't know exactly what i do but now i can exit directly to emulationstation when i hit F12
    Maybe a new implementation?
    I've changed the default uae4arm bin for the lastest version.
    Works with whdload and adf games.
    Is there any option to exit ua4arm by hitting a gamepad button or a combination?
    I want to play with the gamepad only.

  • CRT Maniac

    Probably the latest Uae4Arm release can return to ES.
    I use an old Uae4Arm release (0.4) who can't emulate Picasso96 but emulate games more quickly.
    I must use UaeQuit with this release.

    At this time, there is no way to exit Uae4Arm from a gamepad.
    Or a game pad who emulate keyboard key.
    I looking for a software who translate joystick input in keyboard input but without luck.
    In the next release probably.
    Some Uae4Arm binaires i use

  • Thanks @ironic i´ll keep trying.

    P.D: I´ve get openmsx to run on recalbox , I´ll share my config if anyone is interested.

  • CRT Maniac

    Share your config, it can be useful

    What OpenMSX do compared to fMSX (Who run like a charm for me).

    If you want the fatest uae4arm binaire, take the small (738Ko).
    Others can run in Picasso96 mode.

  • @ironic Here is my openmsx config for recalbox.

    1. I´ve created a folder on : /usr/emulators/openmsx/bin/
      I put my openmsx binary file form retropie inside.
      Here you have the link

    2 . This libraries are needed to launch the emulator.
    Put them on /usr/lib

    1. Launch the emulator with ./openmsx

    2. After first launch go to /recalbox/share/system/.openMSX/
      Put all this files inside the folder:

    3. Create a folder on /recalbox/share/roms/msx inside it you have to put your Msx roms

    4. Finally edit the file /recalbox/share_init/system/.emulationstation/es_systems.cfg

    Adding this lines:

    <fullname>MSX OpenMsx</fullname>
    <extension>.mx1 .MX1 .mx2 .MX2.rom .ROM</extension>
    <command>/recalbox/scripts/runcommand.sh 4 "/usr/emulators/openmsx/bin/openmsx %ROM%"</command>

    P.D. Maybe you need chmod 0755 -R to all files and folders and chmod +x to openmsx binary file.

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