[WIP] modern look full size cabinett with rotatable screen

  • Hope this doesn't show twice, but I am writing again because the first didn't show.   Hi all, I am showing some pics/vids of my WIP cabinett. I am trying to make a modern looking (high WAF (Woman's Acceptance Factor) cabinett. In addition, I want to detach the joystick part to take it to some friends when needed. Therefore, the RPi 3 will be attached to the joystick. Only power and HDMI cables needed. The joysticks are two ZIPPY, the buttons the cheapest in Ebay incl. the USB adapter. No fancy stuff for the first build... The screen can be rotated for vertical games. I will post some videos... Right now rotation is done by hand. Maybe I'll do a motor upgrade in the future The first pic is the raw wood. The next pictures show the painted (once) cabinett. The last shows the detached joystick. Feel free to ask, if you want more info.   Cheers Hans

  • And here are the videos

  • and the second   edit: Sorry, getting an upload error... It shows the FBA menu, where I change to vertical and play a game...

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