Recalbox 7.0

My control panel/bartop/arcade cab

  • Thought I'd better post my RecalBox machine... Xin-Mo 2 player arcade controls from Ultracabs:   First I made a test panel and hooked everything up, made sure it all worked:   When I was happy with the layout I used a piece of laminated shelving to make the real control panel and Pi housing:   Added an HDMI feedthrough socket, an IEC power connector and an on/off button made from a spare arcade button and mausberry circuit:   Close up of the mausberry circuit. After problems running N64 games on RecalBox 4.0.0 beta 1 I added 2 extra buttons (L+R) for each player:   Started making up the bartop that the control panel will slide in to:       Vinyl wrapping:   Next up I'm making a base to fit under the bartop so that it can be used as a full arcade cabinet, a bartop or the control panel removed and plugged in to any screen. I've also got some stickers being made up by a sign writer to give it some style. Check out my instagram for more pics and videos of the build.

  • Now with added legs... Just need some stickers to finish it off!

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