2 Players 8bitsDO bluetooth (the second one KO)

  • Hi recalbox community, First, thanks a lot for your work, and sorry for my english :). I have two 8bitdo controllers on recalbox 4.0b -NES30 pro -FC30 pro I have first paired the NES30 pro (bluetooth), it works perfectly. Now i'm trying to do the same with the FC30 pro (bluetooth). Pairing says it's ok, but LEDS are still blinking (not a good sign). When i try to configure the new paired controller, pressing buttons have no effect. Another weird thing, when i use "forget paired devices", my first controller is still working, maybe it have no effect ? Thanks for your feedbacks

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    Hello, Can you try to start only your fc30 pro and after, power your recalbox... normaly your fc30 pro is paired. You can try after to start your nes30 pro and swith it on paired mode (not in recalbox, only on your pad). I have fc30 pro and zero of 8bitod and i have no problems ;). Only problem i see is it's impossible to pair 2 same 8bido (2 x fc30 pro, 2 x zero)...

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