Change Screen Orientation for Arcade1Up Centipede Cabinet Build

  • Ok, so I know there are several treads about this topic. However, all of the recommendations are not working for me.
    Background: I started with a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. I installed [128gb]-Colbato.v2.DragonBlaze-Galisteo (took hours, but did it) and it uses the Recalbox OS. I set everything up and tested using my HDMI computer monitor (old 32" LCD TV). The controls work good, the content is amazing, and everything works great on my monitor. So, fast forward, I installed everything into the Arcade1Up cabinet and used and LCD to HDMI converter to use the current cabinet screen. I knew I was going to have to rotate the screen orientation (probably 270 degrees) so I looked up how to do it on this forum. There were many suggestions and the best ones were to look at the FAQs page for initial setup. I followed the steps in the FAQs page and it will not work for me.

    What I need is the exact wording or script (step-by-step) to make this work. I hit F4 and then Alt F2 to get into the boot and typed everything exactly as it said and a few variations that I tried. Nothing is working. I am very new to this, so please be courteous.

  • I am trying to add a photo of the steps I have taken, but the photo button on this page is not working.

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    @ranpar1 you are not using recalbox you are using galisteo image.

    If you want help on it, ask galisteo team.

    If you want help on recalbox installation, install official recalbox image.

    You will get zero support here for unofficial images

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