WD MyPassport 4TB

  • I am deciding to buy a Western Digital MyPassport 4TB external USB hard drive to use for Recalbox.. and I have a couple of questions.

    1. Can the Raspberry Pi 3b+ provide electrical support this device as the external hard drive draws power from the USB port.
    2. If I change the Recalbox settings for external use, will it detect and support the external hard drive?
    3. Is it as easy as some of the youtube videos where once I change to the external sessions, plug in the USB hard drive to create the folder structure and then plug it into my computer in order to copy the roms to it?

  • Hello @tdelios

    I use my Raspberry 6.0 with a Western Digital MyPassport 1TB. It's works fine. This HDD replace my old pidrive which is broken. Both use the same connector (a very slim). But I have a dedicated power supply.

    My advise : Format your disk with NTFS, choose a name (PIDRIVE for me), plug it on recalbox and choose it in system menu. After the first reboot, recalbox have created the dedicated folders. You can unplug and plug-it to your PC to copy all your roms


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    @tdelios 2 and 3 are a yes

    For the first question it can depends on the hdd model, but you can also uagment power sent to usb ports in config.tI can tell you than all autopowered 1 and 2tb drives i tested worked fine, and i just bought a 4tb (wd elements) and am in the process of copying my roms to it, i'll tell you tomorrow night if it's working.

    And by the way, preferred format are fat32 or exfat (with 4tb you'll need exfat anyway), ntsc used to cause at lot of trouble even if it seems better now

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    @tdelios I can confirm the 4Tb works fine without any extra power

  • @voljega thanks for 4TB follow up... I'm going to get one and follow your advice on NTFS usage.
    Having the Pi provide the power to 4TB MyPassport is good news as well..


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