How can I get my Picade X hat volume control to work?

  • Hi,

    I have installed the latest version of recalbox onto my Picade which uses a Picade x hat to control various things like joystick, buttons, power, and audio..

    (Everything works using retropie, however I prefer Recalbox.)

    The Installer provided by Pimoroni doesn't work, but if I manually copy the install files over and run the setup script - it installs without errors.
    When I next boot, the joystick and buttons work correctly and I can map them.
    There is no sound however and if I goto the sound menu and select either the sound card (hifiberry) or headphone Jack the sound plays at full volume.
    I cannot reduce the volume at all... (the volume always returns to 0 despite playing at full volume)
    If i try to reduce the volume with alsamixer (via SSH) it informs me the card has no controls...
    Clearly the driver is incorrectly installed....
    I'm unsure how to fix it...

    Does any know?

    Any help would greatly appreciated... 🙂 thanks...


    I've noticed in both the Recalbox and Pimoroni forums that there is an alternative firmware available, but I think it's for the previous version of the picade hat (not the picade X hat). If someone could confirm that it works on the X hat, I'm willing to try it

  • Hi. Im in the same boat as you, I have a great recalbox distro but I need the picadehat x to get installed, how exactly did you do it as the recalbox command line is very restrictive. I even copied over the install files and tried to run but it wont let me, and in logged in as root. Any info would be great ,thanks.

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