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  • Very simple question--does anyone know how to enable the All Games list including all systems? It is useful when I remember a game's name but not the system. Also useful in showing off the total # of games to friends. Thank you!

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    @icefox this doesn't exist at all on recalbox, but you can use one of my script FullAuditRom, in my signature to generate a full list of all your roms

  • @voljega Thank you so much! (And for answering my other question as well)

  • @icefox Hi.

    I'm trying to make a "the very best of consoles" list of games to put on the bartop i'm making so, friends will not take to much time to select a game when they come to my house. Today, i have a 32GB card with plenty of ROMs and a MEGApi case, and i see that they lose too much time browsing for games they've never played. On my arcade, i want a single list to make things easy.

    I'm thinking in the following solution: Mark ALL GAMES as favorite, and force Recalbox to stay inside the favorite gamelist with the following parameters:

    ### Select a system to show on boot (use rom directory name) (string)
    ### Show the gamelist of the first or selected system on boot (0,1)
    ### Disable system view ES will boot and show ONLY the first or selected system (0,1)

    As soon as i get some time, i'll test this solution with a spare sdcard i have.


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