Winzip Command Line Help For Multiple PSX Files Per Game In A Folder

  • I have a PSX folder containing hundreds of psx games. Each game though has a .CUE and a BIN file.

    Does anybody know the winzip command line statement that will go through my PSX folder and create a zip file for each game containing the pair of CUE and BIN file so that I don't have to do it manually myself.

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    @tdelios why would you do that ? afaik zip files aren't supported by emulators for cd-based consoles. and even if they are, unzipping eah game before launching them will take a noticeable and annoying time

  • @voljega I understand your points.. just from another perspective is offline storage. I have all my roms on a backup server and in order to conserve drive space, I want to zip them up.

    In case I do need to use them, I simply can unzip them directly to my micro SD card.. but until then.. its all about maximizing hard drive space when not in use..

    do you know what the winzip command line is?

  • @tdelios

    You can look for psx2psp tool. This tool compress most of the games (it convert to .pbp) and you can launch it on Recalbox.
    Maybe it is an alternative.

    btw: your question has nothing to do with recalbox 😉

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    @tdelios I don't think it has anything to do with winzip : you have to detect pairs of files with the same name but not same extension and compress them together, this looks more like an external script to write than anything that winzip is able to do

    Also I would use 7zip whic has a lot of command lines options

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