This is literally the opposite of everything RecalBox is about.

No, you’re confusing some things: it’s true that Recalbox tries to be as “plug and play” as possible, but it’s an operating system, it’s not an automation that does everything for users: you need to add the correct BIOS, and the correct ROMS, in the correct format, otherwise it will not work. This happens in any retroemulation system that I know, by the way, even if you use an emulator on windows, Windows does not do everything for you.

Perhaps that attitude would be more appreciated by Retropie users

This does not make sense: if Retropie users liked this attitude more, they would not use Retropie. I understand that Retropie is a more "Do it yourself, personalized as you want" system, but it is not because Retropie's philosophy is different from Recalbox that we cannot have ANY resemblance to Retropie, we are not enemies, we are users of systems with different philosophies, that's all.

It is inconsistent for a team developing something such as Recalbox to not spent their time and effort on a feature that eases the burden on the user and requires the devs only once to check for a correct md5 and rename the file automaticall

Once again, you’re confusing: the Recalbox Team is doing its best to ensure stability, performance, and system improvement, to make it as easy as possible for the user, but that doesn’t mean that doing this type of automation is essential / primordial / urgent as you make it seem. I did not say that this will never be done, but among the hundreds of requests from users, this is one that is less urgent / necessary, and so the team of developers will not focus all their effort just for this, at least not at the moment (but neither do I guarantee that one day it will be done).

Something like that has been proposed by more than one user, and is the source of ongoing complaints. Addressing it is only "Common Sense".

Not everything that is proposed by more than one user is really necessary / useful / urgent / essential / or even viable, and it is not because more than one user has requested that this is considered the most necessary / useful / urgent for most users : it is not because you are part of those who are requesting something, that this makes it more important, currently, the interest of the majority has a greater weight.

You need a new team.

Once again you are wrong:
I don't want to belittle the teams of the other Retroemulation systems, but Recalbox has the best team I know, the team is very committed, everyone does an excellent job, everyone tries their best to please users as much as possible.

Please do not try to offend / belittle anyone on the team, or I will ban you permanently from the Forum.

You do not have the right to underestimate all the work of an entire team that works for free just because you think the system has to do everything for you. In addition, using the space offered free of charge for this type of unnecessary insult is going too far.

It's time Recalbox got forked.

Obviously you have no idea what you're talking about, after all, Recalbox is an open source operating system: you can use the source code of Recalbox to develop your own system if you want. Although, I'm sure users who are too lazy to rename a file would never spend their time doing this: this type of user wants others to spend their time.

So, I recommend that you try another Retroemulation system, like Batocera, which is a Recalbox fork, made by another team, with another website, and they have another forum, maybe you will be more successful with your journey with their system.

As the original discussion has come to an end, as you are not wanting help, and, as you are only wanting to criticize meaninglessly (and, this last point is not something that should be done here on the forum, regardless of the reason), then, I will close the topic, to avoid further unnecessary discussions (I repeat: the forum is not the place for this, the forum is for anyone who wants help with the system).

Please do not misuse the forum again, do not try to offend or belittle anyone again or I will ban you permanently.