• @gaetan melhor tem ja lanchado até o momento, mais bonito que a versão 3.2. vocês poderiam atualizar e melhorar a versão 2

  • Hello, sorry to post in english, but my french is just enough to order some food :-(
    I'm from germany and in the german version of next level 3.2 the release date of the roms is overlapping with the label.

    I'll attach two screenshots.


    Is there a way to change the label from "veröffentlic...?" to "release"?

  • @monkeyd-ruffy


    I have this theme, but i'm not a spécialist in that, i think that you can change this in one of the configuation files.
    When you open the archive of next you have the file simple.xml, some changes can be done here, especially at the line 60 and 83 when you edit it (i use notepad++)

    You will see this line (line 60) :

    <text name="md_lbl_rating, md_lbl_releasedate, md_lbl_developer, md_lbl_publisher, md_lbl_genre, md_lbl_players

    If you see "veröffentlic" somewhere try to change it and keep a save somewhere, after you can put your modified theme in place of your old version. (to have like me md_lbl_releasedate)

    After that i think you can connect to your raspberry via ftp acess and see the other config files, and try to modify it if neccessary.

    I only give you clues i'm sorry, but i hope it will help you a little.

    Good luck ;)

  • @sky
    i figured out some way to solve my problem.

    I downloaded the german translation file from the recalbox gitlab page :

    Then i edited it with poeditor and changed the translation.

    After that i exported it as .mo file and replaced it with the existing in /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/ (Gain write access with mount -o remount,rw /)

    After that i rebooted recalbox and it's done:
    Bild Text

  • @monkeyd-ruffy

    Yeah this is nice, you have quite competences to search in the files like that, good job ;)

    Happy that you found the solution, now enjoy the theme.

    I don't know if you used the intro video when you launch the raspberry but personaly i think it's nice so i used it.

    Have a nice day.

  • @sky

    Hello !
    You use the video, so how mutch time in second did you add please ???
    Thank’s a lot !

  • @oor3myoo

    I put a sleep 40 seconds, in the files of the theme you should have a tutorial on how you can put this sleep 40 seconds.

    I paste the process for you in french, and after translate for you.

    French version :

    Une fois connecté avec WinSCP et le fichier vidéo installé, il faut aller à la base de vos dossiers, puis etc/init.d/ et il faut éditer le fichier S02splash.

    Dans la fenêtre qui s’ouvre, repérez la ligne : # Finish with a one second fade out.

    • Cliquez au bout de la ligne faite [Entré] sur votre clavier pour sauter une ligne,
    • écrivez : sleep 30 sur la ligne vide (ou sleep 40 si vous voulez quelle dure plus lontemps)

    Fermer la fenetre avec la croix et dites “ok” pour enregistrer la modification.

    My translation (sorry for my average english)

    To have the splashscreen until the end of recalbox loading :

    Once connected with winscp and the video file installed, you must go to the root of your files, then etc/init.d/ you must edit the file S02splash

    In the opening window search for the line : # Finish with a one second fade out

    Click at the end of this line and push enter to add a line
    write : sleep 30 on the empty line (or sleep 40 if you want it to last more time)

    Close the window with the cross at the top and say "ok" to save the modification

    Finally re lauch recalbox.

    So, hope it will help you, you can adapt the "sleep" as you want of course.

    Good luck ;)

  • @sky

    Nah, I won't say that I have a lot of competences, just a good friend of mine called Google and a lot of time spend on research.

    I actually really like the recalbox opening with all those different console logos remixed, so I don't use the next level intro. And isn't the video a little bit too long? I have the feeling the video lasts longer than my pi needs to boot up.

  • @monkeyd-ruffy

    I like the google friend too lol

    Yeah sometimes you can have this feeling with the video, in fact it depends of what you used to run recalbox, sd card or usb.

    If you have everything on the sd (i don't recommend this) it launches faster and you can have this feeling that the video is too long, same thing with a usb card of 32 gigs (cause you don't have enormous amout of "big games" on it)

    If you have a usb card of 128 for exemple, the times to load everything, it seem fluid.

    Hope i gave you the good answer ;)

  • @sky
    Thank’s a lot !!!

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