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[SOFT] GameList Editor

  • Sympa en tt cas.

    Petite demande si cela est possible: tu pourrais remettre le nom de la ROM en bas de la fenetre stp ? Je ne sais pas s'il sagit d'un mauvais réglage de ma part, mais depuis ta nouvelle release cette info a disparu.
    Elle m'était bien utile, si ça ne te dérange pas de la remettre à l'occasion.

    je te remercie.

    edit: en fait je crois que suite à tes rajouts, il y a eu un petit soucis de dimension de fenetre... il n'y a plus non plus l'option pour sauvegarder les changements ;)

  • @neeeeb the new version doesnt have a save button on the bottom anymore...
    i have entered my screenscraper credentials and i dont use any proxy but the application still says "check your internet/proxy parameters"

  • Tester

    @gmgman @myjosito

    Damned...I've fucked up the GUI due to my portable laptop, which is too small to display it entirely. I Can easily fix it but I won't be at home before tomorrow evening.


    I'm pretty sure the problem is on your side, that message is specifically displayed when the connection can't be established with the API and both myjosito and I have no such message when scraping...

  • btw, "enable edition" should be "enable editing", but I think maybe it's better to remove that checkbox entirely.

    I really don't know what to about that internet/proxy thing, I don't use any proxy or vpn and I have no problems with my internet connectivity at all, so I have no idea where to look.

  • Tester


    Maybe I'll remove it entirely yes, I also think it is useless...
    About the connexion, I also don't know where to look since it works as intended for me, and I only have this message when I volontarily break the connexion with screenscraper...( Disable my connexion or set some random parameters for the proxy...)
    Btw I'm away for the Weekend so I'll see this tomorrow evening ;-)

  • Tester

    @gmgman @myjosito

    Fixed my mistake with the GUI, sorry for this guys...
    Just updated the 0.9.6 release, please download again.

    Will try to find some time in the week to investigate a bit further about the internet problem but I don't know where to look...
    And I'll remove the remaining checkbox, but I don't have time for the moment.

  • @neeeeb sounds great.
    do you log the actions in the application somewhere? you should catch the exception somewhere and write to a log file or display the error message.

  • @neeeeb thanks man. Sounds much better now :)

  • Tester


    I already do this.
    All exceptions are handled and error messages are displayed accordingly to the caught exception.
    When you get this error message "check your internet/proxy settings", it is related to a "socket 10061 error" which is an exception generated by my component.
    And this error means that it can't connect to the API due to bad internet/proxy settings or a blocked port by a FireWall...

    I don't know where to look because everything works as intended for me on several computers and different places.
    Myjosito is able to connect to the API too, because his "error" message is "game not found", and that means the application was able to connect to the API but didn't find Medias for the selected game.

    EDIT: I've made a few research and it could also be that the server was overloaded and thus rejected your connection...

  • @neeeeb now that you say it, it could be the firewall? each time I open a new verison of your tool, my antivirus program says the exe file could be a virus or something and I chose 'open anyways'. I have to investigate further, but it says the same for Universal XML scraper and scraping was never a problem with it...

  • Tester


    I really don't know what to say or where to look ^^
    This morning I've tried it on 3 more computers without being able to reproduce your problem, except if I willingly f*** up the connection by entering some random parameters for the proxy, or by disabling entirely the internet connection.
    And all my research about that "socket error 10061" with Indy Delphi component give the same result :

    • Bad proxy settings
    • No internet
    • Port blocked by a Firewall
    • Server overloaded...
      It's always a connection problem as you can see.

    PS: Avast is also bugging me with that virus thing every time I build a new version, but it's virus free guaranteed ^^

  • @gmgman and what happen if you close your AV, and/or your FW only for a while. Just to test if the program can access the server ?

  • @myjosito I've tried. Nothing helps. I have perfectly fine internet connection, I'm not using any proxy or vpn. Universal xml scraper scrapes without troubles. It's hard to tell what the issue is on my end if I don't know what the actual error is. I'm on Windows 10 btw, but I guess everyone using this tool here is as well..

  • Tester


    As I said earlier, you're not getting a random error message.
    When you see this message it's because I have caught the exception...
    Your error message is specifically linked to the "10061 error socket" exception.
    Even when debugging on my end, I don't get more details than this exception message and it's pretty clear in the component documentation : couldn't establish a connection with the server due to one of the things I said before.
    Just out of curiosity and to be sure, are you sure didn't check the box "use a proxy" in the network settings ?
    That's really annoying me because I don't like to leave customers with a "bug" if I can call it a bug...

  • @neeeeb if I check the proxy checkbox and don't enter any proxy and then try to scrape the application crashes and I need to open the Windows task manager to shut it down.

  • Tester


    Ok, you found a little bug that I've fixed ^^ (empty proxy port made the application crash).
    And I have found a Win10 computer at work where I can reproduce your problem, so I may be able to fix it now.

  • @neeeeb great, I hope you find the issue. I'm on Win10 also.

  • Tester


    I have released a new version :

    Missing dll was the culprit.
    Every computer I tested it on had them installed, except for the last one...
    Took a bit of time to find what was causing this but it's fixed and I'm happy, and sorry for the inconvenience...
    PS: of course you don't have to check the proxy checkbox if you don't use a proxy (but this bug is fixed too btw).

  • @neeeeb awesome this is great news. One thing I notice now is that if I scrape and it doesn't find anything, the application goes to the background, if I click the ok button in the popup. Not sure if that is intended.

  • Tester


    Yep I'm aware of this.
    It's a problem of processing windows message while scraping, which "kills" the application repaint in the background (I might be too technical ahah).
    I've tried to find a workaround but didn't put so much time on it, because I really wanted to fix your scraping bug ^^
    I'll give it another go next week ;-) (might just be a simple call to repaint or refresh at a certain time on the main window).

    PS: scraping might seem long on some games but it has to calculate the CRC checksum, and then scrape every picture, which can take some time when there are a lot of pictures available for the game.

    EDIT: Ok, that's fixed ahah (app going to background), it will be included in the next release ;-)

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