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Amiga, Stand der Dinge?

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    @wulfman it's just that the controller will now be handled properly 🙂

    I don't know how to do it yet but I followed the discussions on the subject and will integrate it once it is released.
    Try to find the generated retroarch file in recalbox and you suould be able to use that from the gui

    I would be interested if you could send me the fork binary, I could try to get an early start on this.

  • you are on facebook? "The Amiga RetroPie WHDLoad Group"? Then: (Dom is HoraceAndTheSpider @ Github; Midwan is also in this group). Its an " Experimental Amiberry Binary" (rpi3 i think; "your" 2.1-Binary was for rpi2 - why not 3? You have an rpi2 or "compatibility"?) ... but you can compile your own from the Horace-Fork?! I haven't done any compiling by myself yet;) ... if the Menu "crash" to ES -> you need some icons @ data/ (controller(s?).png and quickstart.ico).

    Or "directly": -> at the bottom "amiberry" is the binary.

    Here is the thread @ Github: there you can find "my" RetroArch-Config (post from Horace) - as example.

    I hope I have a little time to deal with this today. I have only tried ECS games so far... I don't know how AGA (1200) reacts yet. Isn't that supposed to work for CD32?

    WHDLoad should work (Horace is Admin from the WHDLoad-Group...) ... no experience with this (i like *.adf G ... mhhh .... G)

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    @wulfman it should work on everything i guess, just need to try it, thanks for all the infos

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    @wulfman said in Amiga, Stand der Dinge?:

    if the Menu "crash" to ES -> you need some icons @ data/ (controller(s?).png and quickstart.ico).

    Can you tell me where to find those two icon files ?

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    @wulfman Thank you !

  • Question for your new install:
    Yesterday i've played with whdload (your old install) - bad 😞
    Saving isn't work. You copy a game to ram-disk -> Game make his saves on ramdisk. Finish. After restart Game: no saves. I see in the script that you copy back some savegame-files - but it doesn't work.
    What's your new solution (new install-script)? Will it work?

    And second WHDLoad: it is possible to give some parameter to whdload? 😞 Some game won't start because "custom1" is not set ... ok - i found: s:whdload.prefs ... but a solution is this not really. Game 1 needs custom1=1 to start - for next game custom1=1 means: activate cheats 😞

    An individual solution is needed here... for your old script I would have an idea for a workaround (you copy the .prefs to the ramdisk... in rom-dir I would put a gamename.whdload-File - start the game -> copy it all on ramdisk -> gamename.whdload is copied as whdload.prefs to ramdisk). Workaround.... better solution?)

    Last problem: if i quit a whdload-Game i will back to workbench - at this point: no menu/quit-key works (from .uae). Solution: reboot ... ;/

    PS: is there an "official" Thread (english) to talk about your script? 😉 We are here definitely off-topic 😉

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    @wulfman I'll create a new thread about the new script tonight or tomorrow early morning and will answer your questions there

  • i tried to read everything here to see if anybody has same issues like me. I Updated y recalbox to the newest version. after that I installed everything described on this Page:
    I have lots of Kick start versions so I took this one Amiga Kickstart 1.3 (34.5) (A500-A2500-A3000-CDTV) (Commodore) (1987).rom and renamed it to kick13.rom.Transfered to /recalbox/share/bios

    Some of my adf files were transfered to the a600 roms folder. After a restart I was happy because I saw the A600 in the main menu. But now I klick to one file like Adams Family, chambers of shaolin, ik+, it came from the desert, speed ball 2, r-type.. the screen gets black the sound stops and after 3 seconds the sound comes back and Im in the game select menu.. I know I must do something wrong... can somebody help me

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    @marco-rizzo-scheible better use this subject

    First try to get the bios with the right MD5 (older ones don't work) and get the three main bios as stated on the page, not only the kick13 one

  • Auf cd32 warte ich auch sehnsüchtig war eine meiner liebsten Konsolen die tolle erweiterte Umsetzungen von Amiga spielen bekam: Wing Commander aga, super stardust, fire & ice

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