Unable to update to unstable version

  • Thanks for the hint about donations, just did one to support this great project.

    Just what I'm thinking about the update strategy:

    Why not offering 4.1 final as clean install image first? This should bring some major advantages:

    • People who are installing a fresh device for friends would be served.
    • People may reinstall their device from this offline installer to get rid of possible config problems of previous unstable versions. (instead of maybe adopting them by using the auto-update-version)
    • Further some people would test the 4.1 final before it's released as an automatic update. (and maybe report bugs that can be fixed before releasing the auto-update)
    • Nobody would be unpatient or even get rude anymore.
    • And, last but not least, pressure from auto-update-servers would be taken away (because many people would load the offline-installer, where not each download would happen at the same time)

    Feel free to correct me if my idea sucks :)

  • @lhari84 said in Unable to update to unstable version:

    Why not offering 4.1 final as clean install image first?

    I think it's not fair towards people who cant open their bartop/cab, or who simply don't want to start all over again from scratch. People who were using Recalbox at 3.3.0 know what I mean ...

    Anyway we're still fixing some minor issues here and there

  • @substring I think what most people are suggesting here, including myself, is to release 4.1 via torrent in addition to the eventual update via the server. It would substantially reduce the demand by knocking out the die hards who cannot wait and those who complain at every waking moment. Hopefully, the only people are left are people who have recalbox installed but are casual users, probably don't know this forum exists and play maybe a few hours a week at worst. These people would by the nature of their usage would spread themselves over time as they boot up and get greeted with the "new update is available" message.

    Also, maybe have it as a gentleman's agreement here that guys who cannot utilize anything other than the server wait a few hours or days before doing the update, in hopes to reduce the demand?

    I too wouldn't mind doing a complete reinstall via a Torrent download. In fact, I'd prefer it. I don't play this thing every single waking moment of my life, I've been waiting months for 4.1, what's another day or so, if it was doing something good for the project?

    I don't know how to code, I can't translate and I don't have a single artistic bone in my body to theme. But if me downloading 4.1 via torrent to save bandwidth on the server or waiting a few days to update, consider it a contribution on my behalf, no matter how small it is. Maybe other guys here can share that same view?

    Thanks for all you and the team do. Seriously.

  • Moderator

    ONCE READY, 4.1 will be available:

    • direct download, img + noobs install, on gitlab (github?), and our servers.
    • update OTA from ours servers.

    So everyone will be able to use his preferred way to have a 4.1, clean install or update.
    We don't need to setup a torrent tracker to provide a clean image, our servers will be ready to.

    But, anyways, the 4.1 STABLE is not ready yet, so we won't give any link for the moment.
    Please be patient and stop to ask it for everyday....
    No blogpost, no forum post = no 4.1 release available ;)

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