Problem, it does not free space in sd.

  • Hi. E Wanted to put a Rom of psx and did not have space so I delete from the pc through the network a psx rum that I did not use and I did not release the space. Does anyone know how to fix it?
    I have recalbox 4.0.2
    Raspberry pi 3 and a sd vervatim of 32gb.
    From already thank you very much.

  • @WYLLY666 it should free the space, no bug with this

  • I too am having the same problem, i've removed a bunch of roms i don't use in hope of placing some others and when connected through my mac the folder says 0 bytes available. How can i make some space?

  • @Marco-Donjuan the SD has some linux partitions, they don't show up correctly in Mac. Why don't you do that through the network ?

  • @Substring Thanks for the fast reply... can you tell me how to do that through the network? I thought browsing and deleting through finder would do.

    Thanks in advance!

  • I think i need to be more specific and sorry for the repeated reply. What i am doing is browsing the Share folder via my local network in Finder on my macbook.

  • @Marco-Donjuan that's indeed what you should do. Make sure the finder is not movng deleted files to a hidden folder on recalbox

  • @Substring Sadly no, i also tried moving the files from Share to another folder on my mac and no luck either. The box was given to me as it is, is it too difficult to format the SD and start clean again?

  • @Marco-Donjuan of course it's not ! backup your roms + saves + bios + scrape and just format your card as FAT32. Then either use NOOBS to install from internet, or get the 4.0.1 from github. Check our youtube channel :) there are plenty of tutorials

  • @Substring Thanks! I think i'll do that, ever since it was given to me i started playing snes and nes games, then i managed to finally get some roms using the recalbox UI. The problem was these last one were n64 and i cannot seem to make them work, they are mostly laggy and have sound problems. (Smash bros, pokemon stadium, golden eye); my other friend who was also one doesn't have that kind of trouble... is there a way i can "clone" his SD?

  • @Marco-Donjuan copy the share folder you see through network, that is the easiest way

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