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[RETROPIE THEME - PORT POSIBILITY] Cardboard Mini NES + Nes mini and Famicom mini themes

  • @ruckage there is no problem we will wait patiently for this all finished. The reason for the post was to provide you with help since I have considered interesting the fact that the user @ João-Nuno-Cravinho has made his own version of the theme.

    We respect your work and we will wait for you to finish it all.

    Thank you.

  • @nj180grados said in [RETROPIE THEME - PORT POSIBILITY] Cardboard Mini NES + Nes mini and Famicom mini themes:

    @João-Nuno-Cravinho great work, I inform you that from the forum of retropie in the section of projects and themes you have official post of this topic where the author is updating daily with the new designs. (I send the link by private since the forum marks me as spam, check it)

    You will notice that the theme has a much better new look with all the icons of each system redesigned and in carousel.

    The author @ruckage has redesigned the whole set of icons of each system, almost finished it has some systems left.

    I have seen that you have carried an earlier version of the subject and that you have added something new on your part, good work.

    I think it would be interesting to contact the author to further polish the theme and update it with the new carousel design.

    Also it would be interesting to comment on some differences between recalbox and retropie when it comes to porting the theme.

    They are details that can be added to the time of porting the subject to adapt it, although it is not impresdincible I would like to comment the differences that I notice.

    The 90% of Emulation Station is equal in retropie and recalbox but in recalbox starting from the last version the 4.1 we have:

    • System Favorites and System Screenshots (I would design the icon)

    • Icons of each system for the games marked in favorites.

    • The same icons of each system to score each game from one to five.

    • Small differences in the lower bar where the controls come out, in recalbox we have the Y button to add favorites and it is indicated below.

    • The information bar for each system where it says how many games are available.

    • Recalbox has no sound in the menu although it has background songs, would it be possible to add the sounds for the menu to recalbox?

    These are the small differences between recalbox and retropie when it comes to porting the theme. Do you think it would be possible to add it at the time of porting?

    Mostly it would design the icons of each system or make one general for all as a star for the favorites.

    As a last suggestion I would recommend the inclusion of the system "Capcom" or "Capcom Play System" in the menu for all the great titles of this company.

    @ruckage what do you think the work of @João-Nuno-Cravinho João-Nuno-Cravinho of the recalbox forum?

    Do you know if the new ES carousel theming, that use ruckage in his retropie theme, works in Recalbox ES???


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    Not at the moment. It may be available in next unstable version (after 4.1 stable).

  • @supernature2k Great news!!! thanks for reply :)

  • Hi,
    i have download the "es-theme-nes-mini" master yesterday (16/08/2017), unzip it in "\recalbox\share\system.emulationstation\themes".
    But when i choice it in the theme's menu, the menu is all white.
    I reboot recalbox and it is ever white, i have no pictures of the theme.
    There is something to modify into the xml to make it works ?
    I'm running 4.1 unstable from 27/04/2017.
    Thank you

  • @dem1980 For now, the theme is for Retropie not Recalbox :(

  • Any update on this? Ruckage has since released a SNES Classic Mini theme for Retropie, so I understand if he's been busy. I'd just love the NES theme to go with my NESPI case but don't wanna go Retropie. Ruckage, are you still following this thread? I'm sure myself and many others would donate to your PayPal to make this happen!

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    @n0signal I think it's not possible at the moment to port these themes to recalbox due to ES customization. Some features needs to be implemented first (carousel I believe) to recalbox ES.
    @ruckage maybe you can give a feedback on this?

  • The best themes are for Retropie. Maybe the EmulationStation of recalbox, its old ...

  • @pablo-macaluso It's mostly a community matter ... Some people do port Retropie themes for Recalbox. The differences between retropie and recalbox are not just the carousel : systems name is one of the main reason.

  • I'd still like to port these to recalbox though they will need quite a few changes as Retropie ES has had a lot of changes this past year that my themes rely on. The snes mini theme in particular would have to be basically re-written as it relies on variable support.

  • @substring
    I'm working on some ideas for porting the nes-mini theme to recalbox and think I have a good idea for how to adapt the carousel syetem icons so that it will look good on recalbox.
    It would help though if there is a Windows build of the version of Emulation Station that Recalbox uses as it makes it much easier for me test. Is there a Windows build of the Recalbox EmulationStation that I can download from somewhere?

  • @ruckage Hello nope there is no windows build of our emulationstation.
    Currently, we (the recalbox's team) are working on last stable release.
    But we have some WIP on ES that is waiting to be merged.
    Once done, you should be able to convert your theme in the closest way to the original.

    So I think that the best thing to do is waiting some weeks before starting our conversion's work.

  • @ruckage no windows build at all i'm afraid ... Regarding carousel, the code is ready, not just yet embedded in Recalbox :) I have thoroughly tested the carousel some months ago, it does work well. It will come shortly after the 4.1 release

  • @rockaddicted @Substring

    Thanks for the replies, that's good news regarding the improvement you're making. I think waiting would be beneficial then so that I can take advantage of those improvements.
    Regarding the windows build of ES it may be worth looking into that. We have an amazing user on the retropie forums by the username @jdrassa who setup an automatic build so that there is always an up to date build available for Windows, it makes theme creation much easier.

  • @ruckage i have no idea how to compile that in windows lol I'm just too used to linux now. Anyway the source code will be released with 4.1. So yeah, might be worth for you not to rush porting your theme yet :)

  • Hi @ruckage !! When do you think will be available your nes and snes mini themes for Recalbox?? I hope soon because I love them. Thanks

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    @sheyk90 please be patient. It's currently not about @ruckage but about recalbox's version of ES. It will be updated soon and then I think he will start with the port of it.

  • @sheyk90

    As @lackyluuk I'm waiting for the updates to recalbox then I can begin porting them.

  • @ruckage said in [RETROPIE THEME - PORT POSIBILITY] Cardboard Mini NES + Nes mini and Famicom mini themes:


    As @lackyluuk I'm waiting for the updates to recalbox then I can begin porting them.

    Thanks, but recalbox was updated a weeks ago and emulationstation it's the same... :(

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