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    @pol I'm not sure pixel perfect doesn't seem possible so easily but i know @ironic uses amiga emulation on CRT so mayve he knows ?

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    It's better to use RGB instead of Composite for Amiga but :
    If you want to be in integer scale, you must force the resolution in "GameConfigFile".uae

    From uae4arm menu you can only up to 270 but in the configfile, you can set :

    I use a resolution (non interlaced RGB) of 1920x282 and the result is ... perfect 🙂
    See this video :
    Amiga 500 vs Uae4arm Rpi3 CRT
    No tearing, no lag, i'm an Amiga coder an i know what is a perfect 50fps scroll 😉

  • @voljega @ironic You rock so hard!!! ironic, I understand RGB would be better as one can set a nice amount of custom resolutions, timings, etc... I've been following your discussions about that matter, and the people that's been involved in composite and rgb optimization for the rpi. I can't give enough thanks to you people (popcornmix=hero!!!).
    There are no SCART tvs where I live so no "pi2scart" for me, only composite and component. I really don't like the idea of hooking 2 or 3 different adapters together, I just like the rpi to be simple, like an old console, so its only composite for me (until maybe I get the money to import a "Retrotink"... but that wold be very expensive, we pay several times the real prices here, plus there is very few people that sell this kind of things). Anyway I'm super thankful 🙂

  • @ironic Any chance for a hint how to run Amiga or C64 on a CRT via Pi2Scart?
    With Amiga, the emulator UI is blown up in some super high resolution and I can't do anything.

    With c64, it's better, but I struggle to hit 1:1 pixels. The best result I get is 1:1 but with borders on top/bottom in horizontal, and going slightly over left/right in vertical.

    Not sure if it's controlled by hdmi_ settings or maybe somewhere in the emu?

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    Hi @arkive
    For C64, you can use VICE emulator but as you said, it will be hard to reach pixel perfect on CRT thru GPIO (like rgp-pi, Pi2Scart). VICE screen option isn't complient with CRT resolution.
    I use VICE and it works nicely but it must be setup a lot to have a true fullscreen, no tearing result.
    You can try ADVMESS C64 too, but a lot of games doesn't work.

    For Amiga and uae4arm, in low resolution you can't use the UI.
    For PI2Scart hi resolution ... i haven't one so, i don't know.
    I edit each .uae config file with a text editor, it's better went you understand this config file.

  • @ironic said in AMIGA CD32 EMULATION - HOW TO -:

    I use VICE and it works nicely but it must be setup a lot to have a true fullscreen, no tearing result.

    Thanks for replying. How do you do that ^^? Also through GPIO solution?

    I had a feeling that maybe resolution from Vice is 384x271 (overscan) since it goes outside the screen, despite my hdmi timings being set to 320x240
    Could you advise how would I calculate hdmi timings for this (384) resolution? I saw your python script somewhere but not quite sure how to use it.

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    I use RGB thru GPIO only.
    For Commodore Amiga 500/1200/CD32 50Hz i use :
    1920 282 49.920410 -10 6 11 48 192 240 5 15625 (for generating hdmitimings with my script)
    With configfile (.UAE) :
    (Only 2 lines are needed but can't remember wich)

    For Commodore 64 50Hz(Vice - Combian 64 edition) i use :
    hdmi_timings 336 1 10 18 46 288 1 5 6 6 0 0 0 50 0 6400000 1
    (so, 336x288)

    My hdmi timings generator only works with RGB/GPIO.

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    Yes only the first two gfx lines are needed 🙂

  • @ironic said in AMIGA CD32 EMULATION - HOW TO -:

    For Commodore 64 50Hz(Vice - Combian 64 edition) i use :
    hdmi_timings 336 1 10 18 46 288 1 5 6 6 0 0 0 50 0 6400000 1
    (so, 336x288)

    Damn...I was hoping it would work, but still no luck. Thanks though!
    May I ask what settings in Video in Vice do you use? I mean: Size Settings/ Fullscreen Mode/Custom Res/Res limit mode/Open GL
    Also, the Border: Full, Normal or None?

    My hdmi timings generator only works with RGB/GPIO.

    I use pi2scart, do you think it may require different settings from your setup? Also, I use Retropie...maybe the difference is in that Vice Combian 64 edition? I'm downloading it now, will try later.

  • CRT Maniac

    Thanks @voljega 🙂

    Sorry, it's an Amiga thread.

    Have a look to this C64 screens grabbed from my CRT
    Scanlines perfect (1920x288), 50fps perfect sync.
    text alternatif

    text alternatif

    Open a Commodore 64 thread if you want more informations...

  • Does AmigaCD32 addon run in new recalbox 4.1 stable?

    I ran this in beta but I can't in new stable version.

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    cOOL !
    I also just install CD32 Emulation.
    Is there a chance that this is part as one of the next Recalbox release ?

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    @dragu yes it should be sooner or later, but amiberry has a better support of a500/a1200 than cd32 for now

  • @dragu As @voljega made the hard part for configgen, we'll take a look sooner or later. Still got 1 bugfix release of 4.1 coming shortly, got some major internal work to do nefore adding new packages, then i'll go into amiga. I'm just now quite disappointed with 2 points :

    • Amiberry is SDL1 for now ... It's more than time to move on to SDL2
    • Amiberry is raspberry only (or am i wrong ?), leaving odroids and x86* on the side

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    @substring yeah the second point is the more bothering clearly, but they're willing to make a version for odroid, for x86, not that much apparently or not in a near future :

    And they are still working SDL2 version, but it looks like it will be released later than sooner 😉

  • Hello everybody and many thanks for this tuto. I'll try it ASAP. Can you tell me which version of cd32_base.rom and cd32_ext.rom I need (version # or CRC) ?
    Thanks !

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    @mightor Go back a little I posted them in this thread just two months ago

  • @voljega got it ! Many thanks.

  • I tracked all the posts in this thread, made everything with the instructions, I even converted my cue/imgs to isos and made new cues for them, but still when I try to load something it always throw me back to recalbox. I edited, made all the changes... It still doesn't work at all. Am I missing something?


    Always read readme.txt 🙂
    (rename your req. version to "uae4arm" and delete the unused two other versions)"

    Official relased games work now (I mean that one that are .cue/.iso "originally" downloaded. Unofficial "collections" converted from .cue/.img to iso and with manual made .cues doesn't work for me. But I can now play Banshee! Thanks Ratte!

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    @ejr It doesn't seem that Ratte is supporting his version too much anymore, and I can't help you with it.

    You can try mine if you want, but it doesn't support CD32, only Amiga 500/1200

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