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For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

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Recalbox 4.0.1 produces no video on my Rpi2 (but Retropie works fine out of the box)

  • @Brizio WHEN do you not have video ? For emulators ? or Even for emulationstation ?

    Do not compare retropie and recalbox, they are definitely so different in the manner they configure the system and ease the user experience.

  • @Substring
    No video at all. It looks like Recalbox requires you to edit some config file.
    I wonder why they made it complicated.
    I would like to have a Recalbox that produces a video output on both HDMI and composite depending on whatever it is plugged in.

  • @voljega
    It looks like Recalbox by default makes things complicated for no reason.
    How am I supposed to edit a file if I have no video output?
    Is there a simple step by step manual?
    Retropie requires no editing of config files to get something working.

  • If you prefer that much retropie, why aren't you sticking to it ? Do you really believe you're behaving the good way so that you get any help ? As if I started whining on apple's forum saying that my android phone and my windows computer were working so much more easily ?

    As far as I know, the pi can't output to both composite AND HDMI. But I may be mistaken

  • @Substring Sorry for not being clear. I would like to try Recalbox but my first experience is negative due to the fact that I am getting no video. By "both" I mean that I want to use Recalbox on different TV types but NOT at the same time. How can I do this?
    So far I have only used Retropie and it worked straight away by selecting the correct video output depending on the used TV .

  • @voljega What is the effect of this complicated procedure?

    Will Recalbox use composite when plugged to composite and HDMI when plugged to HDMI?

  • @Brizio damn, editing a file and modifying 3 lines is so much easier than configiring retropie itself ...

  • When i said composite and hdmi, i meant having a single configuration that can run everywhere.

    Someone reported not too la ng ago that he could play seamlessly on crt or hdmi, but that was a spanish post, using sdtv_mode=2. Just d'etre ng this value is definitely not enough

  • @Substring Thanks. The wiki is not clear on what to do to have a Recalbox that automatically switches!to the used video as Retropie does without any tinkering. I hope they will soon make such a setting the default one. What do I need to edit the file without any video output? What should I use on a PC?

  • @Brizio can't give links now, but the wiki has everything you need to know. The easiest would be p to.plug a usb keyboard and when proposed and edit the config.txt from there

  • @Substring How do I type with no video? Should I do this blindly? I use CRT most of the times for a real retro experience. I do not own a HDMI monitor/TV.
    The Wiki does not tell me how to do what I need, i.e., automatic switch (as Retropie does by default).

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    @Brizio thanks to SSH

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    @Brizio do you have a laptop? If yes, then just establish a SSH connection to your RPi with PuTTY for example :)




    Look, this is maybe something which is a little bi more complicated than in retropie (I do not know) but (a big BUT) everything else works out of the box in recalbox. Configuring retropie to your needs is much more a pain in the *** :)

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