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[release-WIP] Theme Recalbox-multi (help needed)

  • Developer
    Global moderator

    dowload link updated, thx to @rockaddicted

  • CRT Fan

    Alors testé en 480i sur CRT :

    Big Picture :
    alt text

    Big Picture Blue :
    alt text

    Standard - Landscape :
    alt text

    NoDesc :
    alt text

    Supernature2K :
    alt text

    Controls :
    alt text

    Je testerai en 240p pour que t'es une idée 🙂

    Mais en tout cas c'est parfait, le decalage que l'on voit c'est l'overscan de mon écran qui est réglé pour la résolution 240p en jeu. (EmulationStation tourne en 480i)

  • Themer

    Beau boulot!

  • Translation Master

    @supernature2k I use your new theme with my 7" display: https://www.adafruit.com/products/2300 (1024x600)

    aaaand it works great 🙂 I have tested:

    • no description layout / white & black colorset:
      0_1488802464836_snapshot (2).png

    • supernature2k layout / white & black colorset
      This is not very suitable for small screens like this. Too many information on the screen.
      0_1488802607919_snapshot (3).png

    • big picture layout / white & black colorset
      This is my absolute favourite layout for this size of screens. Only as much information as needed. Big pictures. This gives a nice overview 🙂


    Thanks for your work 🙂

  • Developer
    Global moderator

    @lackyluuk thx very much for the feedback!

    what about system info? is it readable?

  • Translation Master

    @supernature2k It is readable although it is a small font size. What about using the whole space below the system logo instead of having all the information in the middle at small font size?

    Is it maybe also possible to increase the game names a little bit in the detailed view? Currently we see 17 games on one page. On small screens the number could be decreased to 10 - 14 or something like this?


  • Developer
    Global moderator


    thx very much!

    For the system info, I just let it as it is in recalbox theme. Let's see what @reivax and @Global-Moderators think

    For number of items in gamelist there is no other solution than creating a specific layout for small screens

  • /me thinks there is soooooo much space unsused. But i really do not care that much about the visual part of the project 😉 Except this multi idea is awesome !

  • @lackyluuk the problem with big scraped images is the resolution ... I think we fixed it at 350^x wide, something like that. So strzetching it on a 1080p screen can be ... errr .. ugly 😄

  • @Substring everyone can choose the scrape size by editing es_settings.cfg file (why not export this setting in ES in the futur)

  • typically our "mix images" from the new screenscraper scraper in ES are computed with a size of 745x745 pixels, then resized in ES during the scrape.

  • Developer
    Global moderator

    Hi All,

    v2.0 of the recalbox-multi theme is now out!

    You can download it here

    (link in 1st post also updated)

    What's new? lotta things!

    2 new layouts:

    • crt that fits nicely on crt screens in low res (480)
    • tinyscreen for small tft or crts with very low res

    multi region for following consoles: (thx @paradadf )


    to activate a specific region, got to theme.xml in each folder and change the settings:

    <!-- uncomment one of these lines to choose region for this system-->

    Your help is still welcome for:

    • testing
    • complete the controls layouts
    • create new colorsets or layouts

  • Global moderator

    @supernature2k great job dude... perfect on a cathodic screen 🙂

  • @supernature2k said in [release-WIP] Theme Recalbox-multi (help needed):

    controls layout / darker colorset

    Hello everyone,
    Hello @supernature2k

    I begin by saying that I am French, and that I do not speak English. So I use Google Translate. Sorry for the errors so.

    I've discovered recalbox themes recently, including the recalbox-multi theme. I understood how to customize it and I selected "controls layout / darker colorset". Very classy !!!!

    On the other hand, I did not understand (found) despite my numerous researches, how to customize this theme even more. Besides I do not know if I have the right to do it (if not sorry)

    I want to put a different image per console as wallpaper (background?), As well as a different music per console.
    The idea is that, for example, for the N64, the background image (instead of gray or black) is an image of Perfect Dark (<3 loooooovveeeeee) with the music of the game, on SNES a picture of Street Fighter with a music (Hadouken), etc .....

    I wish to keep the tapes on the side, as well as the icon of the console, etc ....

    So I searched a bit and in the theme.xml file of the n64 folder I added at the beginning:

    <view name="system">
    <sound name="directory">
    <image name="background" extra="true">

    Obviously I created a folder art and sounds;)

    In the main.xml file I deleted the lines in relation to the music.

    I start and I do not know anything in the xml .......

    So experts, I'm far from the truth?
    Can anyone help me?


  • @supernature2k great job ! Very nice theme
    4_1501752062348_IMG_4571.PNG 3_1501752062348_IMG_4721.PNG 2_1501752062348_IMG_4719.PNG 1_1501752062348_IMG_4607.PNG 0_1501752062347_IMG_4568.PNG

  • @kiki where this version comes from ?

  • @rockaddicted I modified the theme to integrate 77 systems.

  • Great can you please share your release by creating a new dedicated post, please ?

  • @rockaddicted When I will finished, i’ll make available my files. I still have some controls and SVG files to finish 🙂




  • Thank you very much @supernature2k for your work. Besides the great features, I found this theme the only one that doesn't go offscreen when in crt tv + composite.

    Will you or someone please instruct me how to make the gamelist font bigger, because it is allright with 480interlaced but the thing is I use 240p and its impossible to read (this is assuming that when in composite you can't separate ES resolution from the games resolution, so I have no choice but to use progressive).

    Thanks in advance.

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