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Configure up down left right with analog stick

  • Hi, i've tried connecting the ps3 controller to recalbox, but when configuring up down left right, I could not use the analog stick to configure that( only D-pad). Is it disabled by default? how can I change this?

  • Staff

    There is no down or right to configure. Read carefully while you remap your controller.

  • i understand that the analog stick is only 2 axis per stick. What i am asking is that for the first 4 options when configuring a controller, "Up" , "down" , "left" , 'right", i cant configure that using the analog stick. (using ps3 controller)

    The reason I'm asking is because I am planning to make a portable console but I want to do away with the D-pad and just use an analog stick. I can't do that if up down left right cannot be mapped to the analog stick.

    The thing is to navigate through the consoles and selecting games, i'd always require the up down left right to be configured correctly

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    @theoldguy as far as I know you can't do that, dpad is mandatory at least for navigating in Emulation Station

  • That's very surprising, because the GPIO controls are axis, like any analog stick

  • I'm looking at an analog stick such as this :
    [https://www.adafruit.com/product/512](link url)
    and it only seems to have 1 , "X"out and 1, "Y"out.

    Yeap @Substring the GPIO have 4 axis. but the analog stick only has 2 outputs. I guess i can't replace the d-pad with an analog stick huh~~ Or if anyone has any other solutions for this? please let me know. Cheers

  • @theoldguy An axis has 2 directions. ES notes it as "Axis N+" or "Axis N-", whatever value it outputs in its corresponding range

  • @Substring but the fact is that "up down left right" (ie, the first 4 options when configuring controllers) cannot be configured with the ps3 analog stick. That is my main issue actually.

  • @theoldguy I'll try to testat home, if i ever remember to do it ;)

  • @Substring sorry , my bad. I have no idea what happened suddenly i could configure the updownleftright with analog. But the flip side is that some games couldn't play properly. eg. fba game xmen vs streetfighter. Somehow the character just keeps crouching down. Anw i think this should be marked as solved. sry guys.

  • @theoldguy probably a deadzone problem

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