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Shaders set via recalbox config are not applied for FBA

  • Hey everyone.

    I have the following problem:

    I set up some default shaders for different systems via the recalbox config. For example for Gameboy with gb.shaders=/recalbox/share_init/shaders/dot.glslp. And so on.

    Works perfectly for all systems except FBA. I've set the CRT Caligari shader for FBA with the following command:

    When I start a game with FBA, the shaders are selected in the RetroArch menu but not applied. For every game I have to got in the RetroArch menu and select "Apply shader settings" manually.

    How can I make FBA apply autoamtically?

    PS: It works for NeoGeo btw (which also uses FBA) with neogeo.shaders command.

  • Hi.

    Without your recalbox version, I can't help you much

  • The version is 4.0.0-build-121.

  • @Yoakin that may be caused by sthg we solved in 4.1 (fba_libretro was also named fbalibretro in the code, therefore some unexpected behaviours). 2 possibilities:

    • set the global shader yourself, it sgould fall back on fba
    • try fbalibretro.shaders=blabla (remove the _ from fba_libretro)

  • Thanks a lot! Using "fbalibretro.shaders" instead of "fba_libretro.shaders" did the trick!

  • @Yoakin you will have to change it back to fba_libretro in 4.1 😉

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