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Fake PS3 controller issues (USB)

  • Hi,
    i have some issues with a fake ps3 controller (bought at game stop): the recalbox doesn't find it unless i edit recalbox.conf by inserting controllers.xboxdrv.enabled=1; but if i try to configure the buttons some of them don't work (the axis), and when i start a game the controller doesn't respond to the commands.
    Please Help :(

  • @Nachtgarm so if my pad isn't in the list i can't use it?

  • Staff

    @thunder is more like if your pad is marked as not compatible, you can't use it. But there you also get reference for PS3 controllers and how to make it work. I don't understand why would someone activate the xbox driver for a ps3 controller.
    Anyway, check this out. You'll probably get all the info you need using the search function:

  • @paradadf i activated the xbox driver because the recalbox doesn't find the controller if i use the official ps3 driver, the shanwan one or the gasia one. It works (badly) only if i use xboxdvr. Anyway, i have a xbox 360 controller (usb) too, but there is no way to connect it (recalbox 4.0.0-beta6). What would i do?

  • Staff

    I didn't get if you are also having problems with your xbox controller or not. But back to the ps3, you can't activate the xbox driver and expect the ps3 driver to work. That is clearly stated on recalbox.conf. Have you tried deactivating the xbox driver, and activating (the right) ps3 driver?
    Just to be clear... don't except both activated drivers to coexist.
    If that doesn't help you... buying a compatible controller is always a good idea ;)

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