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  • Hi In wiki page compilation & modification (en) the command in Section III for creating the share is wrong. the command points to "recalbox-buildroot/output/target/recalbox/share/" instead of "recalbox-buildroot/board/recalbox/share/" PS: I tried to put the command in, but wp does interpret the ` ugly

  • Team

    Hi thanks it has been changed. As you begin to know the system well, don't hesitate to edit the wiki for yourself :)

  • Thanks, but I am in a beginning stage and I have a lot to learn, so I like to have those kind of changes verified :D

  • Team

    Ok. To encourage you a little, remember the wiki is a git repository, if you make something bad, i can always checkout an previous revision.

  • btw. you have to put the donate link also into the participate section from the FAQ on your website - it was hard to find. It's a great product, you can also put it on the startside :D

  • Team

    Ok i'm modifying that :)

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