Emulation Station Only Showcases RetroPie?

  • I just happened to go to Emulation Station's Raspberry Pi download section on their web site and noticed that it only references RetroPie as a packaged download option. No mention to RecalBox.
    Any plans to reach out to them and have them update their web site to add RecalBox, otherwise, it gives the impression that only RetroPie is compatible with Emulation Station and the only supported option if a person wants to use their UI on a Pi..

  • ES author Aloshi gave up ES long ago ...

  • @subs I don't understand? Regardless who gave what up, by simply finding out who owns the web site and asking them to update their web site to show that there is more than 1 software that works with ES beyond RetroPie, it would increase traffic, adoption and marketshare to RecalBox.

    Any newbie who wants to tinker with ES will incorrectly assume that only RetroPie is the only compatible piece of software and anything else (ie RecalBox) is not and thus RetroPie will always be ahead of RecalBox in this space.

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    ES author Aloshi gave up 2 years ago. The soft isn't supported anymore, the website is dead.

  • @tdelios as @supernature2k said : the project is officially dead. It's just surviving because of some forks as it is open source, luckily

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