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Wii Classic Controller Pro axis reversed

  • Hello! I've been using recalbox for about a month and I love it!   I've no issue with an iBuffalo Snes controller. Recently I decided to pair my Wiimote in order to use my Wii Classic Controller Pro (like this one). The first time the system recognized three controllers: Wiimote, Wii Classic Controller Pro, and Playstation 3 controller. After a reboot the PS3 controller went away, so that's okay now. I configured the Wii Classic Controller Pro in EmulationStation and assigned it to player 1. Everything works fine in EmulationStation and games work fine with the D-pad. However, when I try using the left analog joystick the up and down directions are reversed. I tried configuring it again pressing down on the joystick when asked for the up direction but that didn't change anything. I also tried following the suggestion given at this topic which seems to have a similar issue with a different controller, but that didn't work either.   The issue is present in v4.0.0-beta3 and v4.0.0-beta4.   Thank you!

  • Hey @fezbox Could you tell more about those axis problem ? I mean : in which emulator do you have the problem ? TBH, most gamepads all work the same way, it's very seldom that they have a reverted axis. But still, it can happen.

  • Hi!   I encountered the problem playing Snes and Mame games.

  • @fezbox, @subs

    Hi, i have same problems with axis.
    The problem was fixed?


  • I don't think so

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